A New Space Group Show

I'll be participating in a group show this coming February, 1st entitled A New Space curated by my friend Hank Huang at Hibbleton Gallery

A New Space

"An Exploration of the Color Black"

Artist Showcasing:
Abraham Vera, Alice Emmons, Allen Morton, Andy Lam, Anne Cynn, Artemis Nolasco, Brian Hunter, Christina M. Lee. Dafne Marrufo, Denise Eve, Devora Orantes, Hank Huang, James Jurado, Jason N. Le, Jennifer King, Jennifer Takeda, Jose Mojarro, June 22, Kazka Reitz, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Liz Zuniga, Phil Mecham, Stacey Alexander, Sara Dehgan, Steve Gonzales, Rebecca Lipnisky, Tony Bawk, Rob Brown

Music by: Let's Drive to Alaska
Time: 5pm - 11pm